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Khadi World
Welcome to Khadi World
What is Khadi?
Khadi is a traditional Indian fabric which is handmade out of natural fiber like cotton or silk .Like Ayurveda & Yoga , Khadi also is a wonderfull gift from India to rest of the world , Khadi has always been linked with the Indian Freedom Movement. Because it was considered as the symbol of selfreliance & freedom. Gandhiji had taken great efforts to promote Khadi.As a part of Khadi Promotion ,we at JANATA KHADI BHANDAR give a discount on any purchase made during Khadi Saptah,every year.

How is it produced?
Producing Khadi is really , a tedious job . Before coming into a finished form , the raw material i.e. cotton / silk passes through a series of processes.These are viz. cleaning of raw material , forming it into yarn on charkhas , reeling of yarn , bonding of yarns & finally weaving on handlooms.About 15 lakh Indians in villages depend on Khadi Industry either diredtly or indirectly for their livelihood.

Khadi: Missbeliefs & Reality
Missbeliefs - Only political leaders , social workers wear Khadi , It is old fashioned , costly.

 - A large number of people both urban & rural use Khadi in the form of KURTAS , SALWARS, PAYJAMAS. Khadi is not an old fashioned fabric.Modern apparels like T - shirts , Half shirts , Short Kurtas, Fancy T-shirts made out of Khadi have a great demand in young generation. In fact , Khadi is a natural fabric ( having no synthetic material in its composition) producing no harm to your skin. You can use it in any season. Also Khadi is not costly . If you compare Khadi with any foreign branded apparel , you will see that it is far cheaper than that forign fabric.Truly speaking, you get a Silk Shirt at a price of a branded cotton shirt. Khadi apparels give you the feeling of richness & add an extra charm to your personality. 

Besides above when you buy Khadi you provide livelihood to those creative & hardworking hands involved in producing Khadi.

Khadi in Modern World
Day by day Khadi is gaining a great popularity in India as well as in foreign market. Khadi is changing its traditional image & transforming into a modern outlook. Every year we export a large volume of khadi Garments to America & European countries . Having known the tremendous market potential for khadi , countries like China & America are entering into research on Khadi to make it more convenient to global customer.We at JKB are continuously looking for newer designs,ideas & patterns and design our dresses accordingly.